Effective 2 July 2018

· Spayed/neutered cats are $40.00

· Unaltered cats are $10.00 with optional additional $55.00 neuter voucher for        males or $65.00 spay voucher for females

· Neutered male dogs are $55.00. Spayed Female dogs are $65.00.

· Unaltered dogs are $20.00 with optional additional $55.00 neuter voucher for      males or $65.00 spay voucher for females

· The new owner of an adopted unaltered pet must have the pet spayed or            neutered within 2 weeks of the adoption date or by the pet’s 6 month birthday,    whichever occurs last.

· Surrender (turn in) fees are $20.00 per adult and/or $20.00 per litter (under 3 months old) for Temple residents. We do not take out of town animals.
View an example of an Adoption Agreement (PDF)

Adopt from the Animal Shelter

Public and private animal shelters in virtually every community across the United States are filled with dogs and cats. There are lost pets whose owners cannot be found. There are pets whose owners can no longer keep them. There are younger animals, older animals, mixed breeds and purebreds. They have all one thing in common: Each hoping for a permanent and loving home.

Unfortunately for most of these animals, there will be no new home. Why? Not enough people choose to adopt their animal companions from a shelter.

The solution to this tragic problem starts WITH YOU! First, spay and neuter your current pets. Second, when you are ready to add a cat or dog to your family, visit the City of Temple's Animal Shelter.
About Dogs
  • There are approximately 62,400,000 owned dogs in the United States
  • Nearly 4 in 10 households own at least 1 dog
  • Most owners own one dog (69%)
  • There are an equal number of male and female dogs owned based on the percentage of total dog owners
  • In households where there are no children under 18 years of age, more dogs are owned on average (2), than in households where there are children
About Cats
  • There are approximately 64,250,000 owned cats in the United States
  • Three in ten (32,128,000) U.S. households own at least one cat
  • Essentially one half of the households own one cat; the remainder own two cats or more
  • Each household owns an average of two cats
  • Households with one child own more cats on average (3.5 cats) than households with either two children (2.7 cats) or three or more children (2.4 cats)
  • Households contain more female cats than male cats