Art in the Park

The Parks Foundation Art in the Park Program is a community effort to connect our park system and public areas with visual arts.  Sculptures adorn neighborhood parks, community byways, and local businesses and remind our citizens young and old to enjoy their environment and stay young at heart. There are two pieces on the walking trail in Lions Park that were donated by the Parks Foundation.

Outdoor Visual Art Pieces

Three Monkey Bench
Slow Poke.JPG
"Three Monkey Bench--Hear, See, and Speak NO EVIL"
Miller Park entrance
Donated by the Melissa and Patrick Mullins family, the Bob Mullins family and Mike Mullins. 
"Slow Poke"
Miller Park by the pond
Donated by Guy and Cindy Fowler
Honoring their children, Jason and Brooke.
"Buddy, Bo & Me"
Miller Park
Given by Kay and Bob Harrell.
"Pig Family"
Oak Creek Park
Donated by Ginger and Alan Jones
Newsletter Image.jpg
Ernie at Woodbridge
Lions Park
"Sister's Forever"
Lions Junction Water Park
Donated by Melissa and Pat Mullins, Sally and Tom Hartley
 Learning Trail 
Whistlestop Park Pavilion
Woodbridge Park
Donated by Dr. Paxton and Carolyn Howard

Lets Go.jpg
ADA Playground Art in the Park.JPG
RRHM Art in the Park.JPG
 "Kid Pulling Wagon"
Whistlestop Playground
"Let's Go"
Pepper Creek Trail 
Donated by Guy & Cindy Fowler
"Fun Time"
Lions Park ADA Playground
"Precious Moments"
Railroad & Heritage Museum
Donated by Guy & Cindy Fowler
The Next Art in the Park could be yours!!
 "War Chile"
Woodbridge Park
"Baseball Pitcher"
Lions Park, AJ Mercer Fields
"Prince Charming"
Lions Park Amphitheater
Donated by Guy & Cindy Fowler
A number of locations are perfect for a sculpture and waiting for donors. Colquitt Park, Wilson Park and athletic fields, Sammons Senior Center, Sammons Golf Course, Santa Fe Depot, Jackson Park, and West Temple Park athletic fields are just a few locations still needing art.  Statuary can be selected by the donor and can run from $500 - $5000 depending on size and intricacy.  Donations of any size accumulate and allow the Foundation to purchase additional pieces, at their discretion, as funds become available.  This project is a perfect way to honor or memorialize a parent, child, and/or grandparent.  It is also an excellent opportunity to give the City of Temple a gift in gratitude for the life, home, and community we celebrate here.