Municipal Court

We understand health concerns at this time.  At this time the court cannot waive your appearance but will accept appearance by email, fax or letter.  Your email, fax or letter should be postmarked or received by your court date. Please include all information available to you regarding your case. 

You must call to confirm receipt of your communication by calling the court.  Phone: 254-298-5687.  Email:  Fax: 254-773-4301. You may use this form (Appearance Form)

If you are attempting to obtain a payment plan or are asking the court for other help, financially, you must also include this form (Financial Affidavit).

Mission Statement

The Municipal Court for the City of Temple is the city's judicial branch of government.

Our mission is to be impartial, effective and considerate in the implementation of justice within the community.


The court handles all Class C offenses filed with the court from the following city offices:

Cases Filed with the court:

  • Traffic Tickets: Moving and non-moving violations.
  • State Code Violations: Thefts under $100, simple assaults, public intoxication, minor in possession or consuming alcohol, etc.
  • City Ordinance Violations: Health and safety violations, public and juvenile curfew violations, and any ordinance violation.
  • Parking Tickets: Which are administrative rather than criminal.

Courthouse Security

Please note that upon attending court, and to ensure the safety of everyone at the courthouse, expect to be screened by the Court Bailiff before allowed access to the courtroom. Firearms (even if you have a permit), pocket knives, “leatherman” type multi-use tools, scissors, knitting needles and other pointed or sharp items are not allowed in the courthouse. Anything considered to be a weapon or that is deemed unacceptable by the security staff will be confiscated.