Home Security

  • Use and maintain adequate outside lighting (front, rear, and sides).
  • Keep shrubs trimmed away from house.
  • Outside doors should be solid wood or metal.
  • Have good deadbolt locks on all outside doors.
  • Have a peep hole on doors - especially front doors.
  • Use bars and other items to secure and reinforce glass doors and windows.
  • Don't hide keys outside.
  • Have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers in several areas of the house.
  • Have escape ladders for all 2nd floor rooms.
  • Have an alarm system or watchdog to help deter criminals.
  • Secure outside fuse boxes, utility switches and valves.
  • Have a safe room with a solid door and lock, phone and radio (rooms without windows such as bathrooms are best).
  • Keep emergency numbers posted by the phone, and program into speed dial (not necessary for 911).
Extended Absence
When away from home for more than a day, do the following:
  • Use timers for lights, TVs, and radio.
  • Stop delivery of mail, newspapers, etc.
  • Tell a trusted neighbor or the police that you will be away.
  • Don't leave notes on the door.