The Mayor and 4 City Councilmembers, as the elected representatives of the City of Temple, formulate public policy to address community needs and assure orderly development in the City. The City Council is responsible for appointing the:
In its policy making role, the major activities of the City Council include adopting the annual budget which includes general objectives for the City program activities and service levels, as well as the City’s capital improvement program; reviewing and adopting all ordinances and resolutions; and approving purchases and contracts in accordance with the City Charter and state law.

The City Council has adopted “Temple Tomorrow”, our Strategic Vision and Plan for the development of the City of Temple. The strategic goals of this plan are to promote the best jobs, best education and best quality of life in our City. Three strategic priority areas the Council is currently focused on include growing the tax base, transportation and bio science.

Other strategic goals of the City Council include establishing, maintaining and updating development policies and master plans for the City that promote safe, responsible, and coordinated economic growth; establishment of Strategic Investment Zones in the community to achieve specific redevelopment goals and objectives; and the continued implementation of a $70 million 5-year capital improvement program.